Compass Mentorship Program, one of the unique products by The Real Estate House Academy, is designed to give you deep and unique insights about real estate investments. Consisting of nine modules, this six-month mentorship program covers a wide range of real estate investing aspects, from the introduction to networking and exit strategies.



The mentorship framework comprises the exploration of the wide array of opportunities available in the real estate market. Particularly, Compass’s highly experienced real estate mentors will take you through the four wealth generators of real estate. This eye-opening knowledge is one of its kind, and rare to find elsewhere.



Although the program focuses on the real estate industry, it also equips you with the life skills that you need to succeed in your career. Some of the skills that you’ll acquire include time management skills, communication skills, and how to achieve and maintain work/life balance. They will not only help you to make realistic career goals but also develop the capacity to achieve them and lead a satisfying life.



The Compass mentorship program gives you an opportunity to meet and create valuable networks with like-minded people. You’re likely to count on some of these contacts in the future for partnerships or advice.



The program employs a personalized approach to ensure that your specific mentorship expectations are met fully. It achieves this through the self-awareness, individual development, and the individual career planning phases. Besides, you’re assigned a mentor to help you address your individual concerns through thirty-minute individual coaching sessions slotted to take place once per week.


Very friendly, experienced and empathetic mentors

If you’ve just started your real estate investment journey or are just giving it a thought, you might be having a lot of questions that none of the people close to you can answer. You need someone who has already walked through the journey to help you figure out this and that. This is where Compass mentors come in handy. They have enough experience to advise on what can work or not, as far as real estate investment and the surrounding issues are concerned. Better still, they are among the friendliest and empathetic professionals you can ever deal with.

Hassle-free online engagement 

This program is currently running online, giving you the convenience of participating from the comfort of your preferred physical location. Whether you want to register, interact with your mentorship group members/class or submit a personal assessment, the online platform has you covered.

What’s covered in the course material

  • Module 1 – Building your foundation
  • Module 2 – Understanding the basics
  • Module 3 – Your Real Estate Education
  • Module 4 – Real Estate Niches & Strategies
  • Module 5 – Locating Deals
  • Module 6 – Real Estate Financing
  • Module 7 – Networking & Marketing
  • Module 8 – Exit Strategies
  • Module 9 – Finalizing Everything

What’s included in the 6 month program

  • 24/7 Online portal access to class materials so you can work at your own pace
  • Facebook group
  • Work development assignments
  • Quarterly workshops
  • Monthly live trainings
  • Online resources and worksheets
  • Book of the month
  • Weekly group and one on one meetings
  • Personal Plan of action
  • Intelligent Notebook

Here are more reasons for enrolling in the Compass Mentorship Program

You’ll work with one of the best business and real estate coaches in the industry.
You’ll discover a wide range of real estate financing options.
You’ll develop hard skills.
You can participate from anywhere.
It is offered by a reputable organization that you’ll be proud to be associated with.
Most mentees will have a property before finishing the program.

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